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We are alive and well, no plans to shutdown or liquidate!
Working on a new customer portal platform and upgrading whole infrastructure platform.
Some new services also coming.


We have updated the prices for Dedicated servers, co-location and RPI hosting services.


FINALLY! We can now accept BTC payments.


For those of you who wants more power/memory than the RPI includes, we have added Banana Pi hosting.
Look here for more information: BPI Logo
We have discontinued web hosting package #3, no new deliveries of that service will be done.
Customers who need more traffic/space than provided in remaining packages are recommended to use our RPI/BPI hosting.


We have discontinued tunnel package #4, no new deliveries of that service will be done.
One the fun side, we have added hosting (dedicated and co-location) for Raspberry Pi's, look here RPI Logo
We are working on some more fun projects/services that we plan to start offering in 2015.
Happy new year and hope to see you all next year.


Due to PayPal's love of their customers we have to stop using their services.
The payment options we now have is: Bitcoins and bank wire transfer
We are working on getting credit card payments through Visa and Mastercard, we'll keep you updated about this.


We are currently working on getting all services up and running after the police have been on a visit.
Due to their working methods the downtime have been longer that needed (atleast 24 hours longer), we are sorry for the trouble it may have caused innocent customers due to their working methods.
No information other than the one requested have been given out.


We are alive and well, we can now register .SE domains.


Migration of Alphonse, Eduardo and the old DNS servers started.


The network core have been upgraded to handle IPv6. We are waiting for the fibre to our new transitprovider to be installed. You can request a IPv6 network right away, and be ready for the future.


All servers are now moved to the new power and network infrastructure.

Service status

- Co-location in our own datacenter can be delivered as soon as we have received your server provided that it's rack-mounted and has the proper rails.
Please note that we currently don't accept servers in tower/desktop cases.
- Dedicated servers can be delivered in 1-2 business days.
- Tunnel services are delivered immediately.
- Web / mail / shell / dns services are delivered immediately.
- VPS services can NOT be delivered. The service have been canceled, no plans to revive it.

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ipv6 ready